13 October 2011


...from earlier this week.

1). Self-portrait in which I unintentionally gave myself Angelina Jolie lips and upgraded eyebrows; 2). optimistic scribbles at the coffee shop; 3). cappuccino awesomeness; 4). view from the bedroom window.

(all taken with my iPhone via the instagram app. See my full feed here).


  1. That blue sky is so good - I love crisp, cold, bright blue sky days like that.

  2. How did I not realize what an incredibly talented artist you are? Gorgeous!

  3. The only thing better than that coffee would be sipping it whilst enjoying the view from your bedroom window!

    PS: Speaking of coffee, we should get together for one in March!!!

  4. Kayla, you drew that? I never knew you had that talent! Did you do the artwork in the children's book you wrote too? I wanna see it!


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