02 October 2011

Sunday is For Roses

Sunday, Sunday. Another week behind us. Or is it another ahead? I can't ever decide if Sunday marks the end or the beginning of the weekly calendar. We attended a wedding last night where roses were symbolically incorporated into the ceremony. While browsing Etsy this morning, I noticed how my most recent bookmarked items were rose-related. You all know my love for roses. Alas, today, we'll celebrate the rose. Happy Sunday, friends. I hope the lingering remnants of your weekend are lovely.

(tablecloth, vintage leather purse, tumblers, oil painting)


  1. Hooray roses! I think you've got romance on the brain, and I love it : )

  2. I am a huge fan of roses. Lovely, lovely, lovely

  3. @Colleen, you are so right. Romance is coming out of my ears :)


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