14 November 2011

Long Beach Island

On Friday night, we drove down to Long Beach Island to spend the weekend at a rented vacation home with some friends (we were guests). I wasn't feeling 100%, although the laid-back tenure of the weekend's plans allowed for plenty of rest and relaxation. At the conclusion of two days almost exclusively characterized by napping, board game playing, movie watching and chicken-noodle soup eating, T and I took a few minutes to walk along the water's edge. While the salty air and gentle lapping of the waves certainly helped to calm some of my restlessness, upon our departure, I couldn't deny the familiar ache for more precious time with the sea. We've been talking a lot about our future and a move/lifestyle change just might be on the horizon. Time will tell.

Also, this article touched me tremendously. Something to think about.


  1. I feel like that when I leave the Lake...water is so calming.

  2. A beautiful, quiet weekend sounds like just the thing to soothe the soul. I'm still shocked when John and I walk just a few blocks and find ourselves looking at the Pacific-it's a wonderful feeling.


  3. I'm with you and Susan, water is really, really calming. I love it. Maybe it's because I am a pieces?!

  4. I always feel like this when we stay at our favorite place up north on the lake, like a weight is lifted.

    (PS. Linkwithin just took me to your Thanksgiving post from last year...I love it : )

  5. living in NYC I forget we are surrounded by so much water and ocean views. it is necessary to get out of the city at least 2 times a year.


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