28 November 2011

Scenes From Thanksgiving (Sort Of)

I didn't take too many pictures over the past five days. Despite a rather ill-timed respiratory infection, it was lovely, and I am grateful to have had the time off to spend with family, my thoughts and the leftovers. 

Now? Hello, season of festivity and light. You're my favorite!


  1. Totally my favourite, too!

    I LOVE that first photo...

  2. Sorry to hear you've been unwell - feel better! xo

  3. Love, love, love. Hate that we were simultaneously sick, but it seems like the weekend was still pretty perfect.

  4. Hope you're feeling better these days, K. To be honest, I've been under the weather too... So how about we get together for a mug or ten of that delicious-sounding cranberry tea, hmm? XX

  5. that honey and tea are the ticket to feeling better... and something delicious. :) xo


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