27 November 2011

Shop Twine

On a rainy couch-ridden afternoon a few weeks back, I discovered the curated online shop Twine. The shop has been in existence for a couple of years already but continuously debuts new merchandise "in the interest of finding more value in less stuff." They provide a rotating collection of 100 objects, all of which fall under the categories of "honest, well made, beautiful and useful."

I smiled when I read the following on the shop's about page:  "Twine is about the everyday necessity of joy, beauty, light, humor, color and love." Everyday necessities indeed. Pictured; a few of my currently-stocked favorites.

(Handwoven Bolivian Frasadas; Gold Tailor Scissors; Sculpted Wooden Animals; Bouquet Notebooks; Apothecary Matchsticks; Block Print Mouse)


  1. Thanks for sharing this shop. I love the items you've shown, and its fab philosophy!

    Happy Sunday, K.

  2. oh my friend lea has her "what to cook" dice for sale in that shop! how exciting. so many pretty things.

  3. Nice find, Kayla. I'm over to have a browse now.x.

  4. Those little mice are so adorable and the notebook reminds me of the current planner I have and love. Off to check out the rest of the shop!

  5. Oooh great link - thank you! Those mice are the sweetest things :)


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