28 December 2011

All Was Right

Over the past week or so, we've had gift exchanges...

Smooching and snuggling...

Lazy breakfasts and jars of flowers in every room...

Hours upon hours filled with books and movies...

Bellies full of citrus and sweets...

Color, light and a palpable relaxed energy....

Red lipstick and sweatpants...

Dinners by candlelight (and always with wine)...

Laughing attacks and general silliness...

Memories of Christmases past, and appreciation for this sentiment...

Goofball photo shoots modeling a fancy Christmas coat.

The holidays were different this year in both the traditions we upheld and those we didn't. In the end, all was bright, and that's what felt right.


  1. Looks perfect, and I love you & your sister together...amazed at how much you look alike! Both gorgeous!!

  2. The three of you are adorable. I love these little intimate snippets into your life. :)

  3. This is such a lovely blog post, Kayla!!! Love your adorable you celebrated Christmas...was like that here too:-) Cheers from Paris, Igor xoxo

  4. This post gives me such a cozy feeling. And your coat is just beautiful!

  5. Your photos make me so happy! Glad you had a great first Christmas as a married couple!! Looks so festive and bright :)

  6. Red lipstick and sweatpants sound like the perfect combo ;)

    Looks like a wonderful celebration!

  7. Your holidays look very merry and bright!

    I, too, have been known to wear sweatpants and lipstick. It's a good look!

  8. It's true that "la vie est belle" & I always appreciate how you show us that with your lovely photos. Oh & by the way, the silly shots of you in your winter coat? Pretty much the thing that's amused me the most today. So merci beaucoup!


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