22 December 2011

Coffee & Sweets

Pictures convey the bulk of my diet while on break. I remembered to eat some yogurt and fruit for breakfast yesterday but then countered it with a huge bowl of buttered noodles for dinner. Oh yes.

I love food so much. Especially fancy coffee and sweet treats. Feeling mighty glad the current season serves as a masterful enabler. Plus, my french press feels loved again now that I'm not racing out of the house at 6:00 AM.


  1. We love french press coffee...the best!!

  2. Time spent with your French press is always a good thing. Enjoy the little endulgences.

  3. It's nice having a little break from school isn't it? When do you have to go back?

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Kayla!

  4. These photos are so lovely-I always drink my tea rushing around the office!

  5. coffee + sweets = happiness. That's my sort of algebra! Hugs, Igor xoxo


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