05 December 2011

If You Don't Like Christmas Music, You're the Grinch

Sorry, but it's true. Nothing wrong with being grinch-y: just don't step foot in my house. It's a full on holiday spectacular around these parts, and I couldn't be happier.

Let there be light! Oh oh oh, I love this season so much. Anyone want to come over for hot cocoa and banagrams? I might even bestow you with peppermint bark...

And look! I remembered to take a few photos with the DSLR. Creating bokeh is my newest obsession.


  1. Okay, here's the thing with me: I like Christmas music -- I might even love it (I certainly love singing Christmas songs), but I can't stand having it on 24/7. I like a little bit each day, growing as it gets closer and closer to the 25th, which is the only day I can do fun holiday songs the whole time. Does that make me Grinchy?

  2. This is my favorite time of year too! My Pandora holiday station is sending Christmas music all over the house. And I'd love to stop by for some cocoa! I'll bring cookies (and maybe some peppermint Schnapps)!

  3. I pretty much wrote this exact post today. I am Christmas' biggest advocate! Your post makes me happy

  4. Agreed. I am all over the music and the lights and the holiday spirit. I love it, and I need it so much right now.

    Am going to put up some more decorations right this second... Hurrah!

  5. Holy tree, it's gorgeous! We haven't gotten one yet, but I'm feeling practically antsy to string lights on SOMETHING!

  6. call me crazy, but i only enjoy christmas music a day or two before and on christmas. lovely photos!


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