20 December 2011

On Kettles

I am searching for a high-end but moderately priced classic tea kettle, as I'm so over our cheap grimy red one. I really like this English-made copper fellow, but $100 is more than I'm willing to pay right now. This stainless steel and copper-bottomed beauty is more up my alley with its $50 price tag. And then there's the model that every coffee/tea snob claims superior to all others. I should probably listen to them and nab it, right? $60.

But wait. How do I resist this petite demi kettle by Le Creuset? ($70). With six happy colors to choose from, I'm not even sure making a selection is possible! Help?


  1. Kayla,

    Two words: Le. Creuset.
    OK, one more word: Definitely!

    As for the color, they are all as charming as heck, but I'd choose the orange one for sure. It brings back vivid memories of my childhood, since my mom had a one of those lovely two-handled Le Creuset oven casseroles in that color. So mid-to-late (shh!) 1970s!

    As for the price, $70 US seems pretty reasonable to me. Even here in France, Le Creuset items are not exactly cheap. But they're such a great investment. How long do they last? Toujours!!

  2. Yep, go ahead and nab it. Although, I found mine at Cost Plus and it's huge, stainless and gorgeous. Been using it for years and it was less than $50.

  3. Seriously, Kayla-are you stalking me?! John just sprayed our sweet ivory tea kettle with bleach and it's now a horrifying shade of grimy brown–this post is just what I need!

  4. We have had the larger Creuset one for many years, and love it!!

  5. I went to visit a friend who has a wood burner the other day and she had kettle similar to this boiling on the top of the burner - so country cosy!

  6. There's no way I could ever decide on a color, they're all pretty. I kind of love that one from williams-sonoma though.

  7. It's made of a light ripstop cotton duck, and insulated on the side and bottom with Insul-Bright, a hollow polyester fiber with a metallized film backing. tea


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