18 January 2012

Such a Marvelous Way

Vera Neumann is my idol. Have I ever mentioned I'm an avid collector of her textiles? Cloth napkins are my weakness, and you can frequently find me browsing Etsy, Ebay and flea markets for her iconic silk scarves. I like to believe we would have been friends. Recently, I've taken to spending the last fifteen minutes or so before bed leafing through this gorgeous book.  I haven't any proof, but I'm fairly certain doing so makes my dreams brighter.


  1. This is just wonderful. Must remember when I'm feeling like I'm going to careen off something!

  2. that quote is PERFECT! thanks for sharing.

  3. am ALSO an avid collector of her textiles. and one time made a painting on one of her tablecloths. poshvintage.com has LOTS of her amazeballs hankerchiefs, etc.

    1. Oooh thanks for the tip, I'll have to check them out on my next payday ;)

  4. Yup, I can certainly see why she's one of your icons. The vibrancy, the life...it's very you, Kayla.


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