03 January 2012

Portraiture & Melodies

I've been snapping a lot of photos of myself in the mirror. That sounds so self-indulgent, but what I'm attempting to do is strengthen my ability to take portraits. This photo is obviously unfocused, which irrationally annoys me. (Let go, Kayla).

Even though I opted out of any real resolutions, my one steadfast (and ongoing) goal for the new year is continuous growth and development in my photography skills. I've spent the past several months getting to know my camera, messing around with settings, and capturing my surroundings to share here. I want to take a class, or maybe even attend a workshop, and eventually invest in a new lens. I received a Holga 35mm film camera for Christmas. I'm excited to give that a go as well.

Unrelated but somehow connected, I feel compelled to share music today. These are a few songs in constant rotation around here; classics I'm sure all of you are already familiar with. I love how they make me feel, especially at full volume on Sunday mornings.

Frank Sinatra: How About You
The Swell Season: Maybe I Was Born To Hold You In These Arms
Ray LaMontagne: You Are The Best Thing 
Ingrid Michaelson: Far Away and You & I
Nat King Cole: L-O-V-E
Yael Naim: New Soul
Kenny Loggins: Danny's Song


  1. in highschool i had a sketch book dedicated to drawing portraits. no one would sit for me tho...so it ended up being a book of my face only. awkward but necessary. :)

  2. I for myself need to get a nice DSLR camera first and then I want to start to work on my photography skills. So far I am an on-the-go iPhone snapper:-) Happy new year, Kayla!

  3. Always a good resolution - feel free to pick my brain if you have any questions. :)

  4. oh, you're not alone... I've spent many hours taking self-portraits. Yeah, it feels a bit self-absorbed, but I also think it's great photography practice. Looking forward to seeing more :)

  5. I think it sounds like an amazing resolution, and I hope you'll get a chance to practice during this vacation you alluded to...please tell me it's what I think it is!


  6. I love photography, but you wouldn't know it since all I've got is my iPhone to pull out in a pinch! I gotta get me a real camera. Good music picks. Ingrid Michaelson is one of my favorites.

  7. I have the same goal, to strengthen my photography skills!

  8. Gorgeous photo of you. I'd definitely like to learn to do more with my camera this year too -- figure out what all those little settings are for. And I was just introduced to Ray LaMontagne a week ago and am hooked. Hooked. Let's plan a little listening/baking party for one weekend soon, yes?

  9. yay I look forward to following along as you learn more! and I love my holga (although don't use it nearly enough). playing around with plastic film cameras and such a fun way to learn composition :) and Happy New Year my dear!!

  10. Yay, a class! You have such a great eye for photos! Can't wait for you to get a new lens and excited to see you test out the new holga!!


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