09 January 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

On weekend mornings, when I walk into my kitchen and see the light dance across the table, it's not unlikely that I'll pause and daydream for awhile. While walking to the train after work on Friday, I looked up and saw the top of the buildings on 33rd and 7th glowing a glorious golden hue as the sun began its descent. In the moment, I wondered if anyone else spotted it too. So often we're all rushing from one place to the next, caught up in our own heads, and subsequently failing to notice or appreciate our surroundings. I'm trying to be better about it.

I yearned for quiet this weekend. I mostly cooked and read and wrote. A few long walks outside in the gorgeous, Spring-like weather made me positively giddy. I skipped alongside Tiho as we wandered from the local toy shop to the grocery store and finally, the bakery, for a cup of coffee. I candidly set the following professional goal for myself: in three years time, I want to be sustainably self-employed. I don't always possess the confidence or discipline I know is necessary to make this happen. Also trying to be better about that.

For now, a new week, plus a few articles worth checking out if you're interested:

How To Be More Interesting;
The 45 Places To Go in 2012 (so far, I've got one of 'em booked);
Silly Parent, Good Design is For Kids

Have a good one!


  1. I do love these glimpses into your weekend but this is especially good! Perhaps it's all that yummy food (beautifully styled and photographed to boot!) that is making me smile so? Either way - a fab weekend! Have a great week!

  2. i too have the self-employed goal and it's a struggle. i think 3 years is a good time frame. from what little i know, 3 years seems doable. here's hoping eh?

  3. Love your little breakfast pic on the top! And best of wishes on your journey to be self-employed ... what an exciting goal :)

  4. Oh, my dear, I am so with you on the dream of being sustainably self-employed. I would do it right now if I could. But I'm working towards it. I got in a little hike this weekend and worked on some projects and slept in a little too late one day to rise with the sun. It's dinnertime but that breakfast picture is making me crave some scrambled eggs for dinner.

  5. Your weekends always look so lovely. So full of sunshine and light. I wish my weekend had been a bit like that. Instead, it was just plain awful. Looking forward to the next one already, and hoping for it to be so much better.

    Going to read those articles you suggested. They sound fun :)

  6. Really gorgeous photos! Everything looks yummy and so pretty! x www.casualglamorous.com

  7. Always love to see snippets of your weekends. You have great goals Kayla xx


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