17 January 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Food. Art. Not much of anything else.

I was battling a cold this weekend (feels like it's on its way out, yippee!) so most of my time was spent recuperating around the house, save for a delicious taco dinner at my cousin's Lower East Side apartment on Friday night and a friend's chocolate tasting birthday party on Saturday afternoon. I am so grateful to have had Monday off to catch up on rest, which is exactly what I did.

I finally got around to hanging/rearranging new art and baking a batch of cinnamon rolls. Early last week, I caught a whiff of one on the train and practically went into convulsions with a visceral craving. Proud to say that between the two of us, T and I polished off that entire plate on Sunday morning. Not more than three hours later, a tray full of Mexican take-out turned us into bona-fide gluttons. It was also a weekend of indulgent television (Miss America pageant! Golden Globes! House Hunters marathon!). Tiho retaliated with two afternoons of nonstop NFL. (Hence, a golden opportunity to rearrange the art).

I'm feeling as ready as I can for the week ahead. This NY Times article about what matters in the end made me smile. Give it a glance if you have a few minutes: quality read.

P.S. That Matisse script is from one of my art books. I'm thinking of framing copies of those two pages. So beautiful.


  1. Chocolate tasting birthday party? Girl, you get all the good invites! ;) Pleased you are feeling better!

  2. This looks & sounds like a great weekend!!! Love the Matisse script, too. Very eye-catching and absolutly worth framing! Have a great week!

  3. You look so cute with your hair in a bun! We also watched way too much TV-we love House Hunters!!

  4. Hehe you guys remind me so much of us! Even though we have 2 TVs in the house, we almost always watch things together. And this weekend, our schedule was exactly like yours, substituting the tacos and cinnamon buns with lentil soup, tuna and rum bread. Long live little pleasures in life!

  5. food is certainly good for the soul ;-)
    looks like a lovely time was had

  6. How positively delicious! I needed the weekend to recoup, too–I can't imagine having been at work yesterday!


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