02 January 2012

Simply Pleasurable

[Purple tulips in tiny glass jars].

 [Red manicure, raspberry macaron].

 [Green scarf, rainbow confetti ribbon].

[Sweet Potato Bisque, serious snack plate].

Back to the grind this week. Something I read in the December issue of Whole Living a few weeks back struck a powerful chord with me. In an article entitled "The Gift of the Tao," writer Andrew Leonard offered the following bit of wisdom: "Typically, the New Year is marked by grand resolutions, but I throw all that out. There will be no unrealistic goal-setting...I cast about for something small, something simply pleasurable rather than a mighty quest."

"Simply pleasurable." I'm on board with that.

Happy New Year, friends!

P.S. Also, The Joy of Quiet.


  1. A great message...Happy New Year!

  2. I can't believe the holidays are over already. Getting up at 6 tomorrow morning and getting everyone out the door by 7:45 is going to SUCK! Will do it somehow though... And it will be nice to see everyone at school again, I'm sure.

    Love that quote. "Something small, something simply pleasurable" sounds perfect.

    Happy New Year, Kayla!

  3. Gah! Loving the colours in that confetti ribbon!

  4. agreed! have a wonderful week, missy :)

  5. I look at your photos sometimes and wonder how it is that you're constantly living in spring. And I think lots of little simply pleasurable moments this year would be perfect. Happy New Year!

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