02 February 2012

Are You Listening, Groundhog?

I'm thinking Mr. Groundhog is going to play a mean trick on us all today. I left the house with damp hair and a light-weight coat yesterday. In February! Unheard of. We've had the mildest winter I can remember in years; so much so, I'm almost craving a little more snow and grit.


Spring is my season. The more I think about its pending arrival, the more difficult it is to contain my excitement.

Now the question boils down to this: will the taste we've been given last? Or will Mr. Groundhog throw his head back, laugh, and make us wait six weeks more for the real deal?

P.S. My neon pink tulips turned purple. I can't decide which shade I like better.


  1. Yes, I want more snow...a true winter! He DID see his shadow...;)

  2. Such beautiful flowers! Yesterday most definitely gave me spring fever. It was so utterly gorgeous outside and we even had the windows open! 65 degrees? Unheard of!

  3. I've been wondering the same thing - when will we get some real snow? The weather is such a tease right now : )

    PS. I love the heart toast!

  4. Haha, with our *maybe* move to New York on the horizon there is nothing more reassuring than hearing how mild the winter has been this year. :)

  5. Oh! Springtime and daffodils and hyacinths... am yearning for them! Hope they'll be here SOON.

  6. I just got fresh flowers and I'm in love. That heart toast is so cute!!


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