06 February 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Oh man, so much yellow. I didn't realize how much until I uploaded this photo set to my laptop. It's so happy, isn't it? If you don't like the color, may I ask why? I cannot understand how it could be an unlikeable color to anyone, but then again, there's a lot I don't understand, so c'est la vie.

Our weekend was super mellow; some family time with my nana who recently moved into an assisted living complex near us, plenty of down time around the house, and a long walk to the grocery store where I realized at checkout that my basket contained a variety of six citrus fruits, a bouquet of flowers and nothing else. Typical.

On Sunday night, we attended a friend's superbowl party in a neighboring town. I ate like a piglet and cheered on the Patriots, because despite building my adult roots in NYC, I'll forever remain loyal to my New England upbringing.

This week is an important one for us: we have our official interview with the government for Tiho's green card. I can't tell you how relieved I am to be almost done with all of this. We're both beyond ready to say "adios" to lawyer fees, paperwork and a general sense of unsettlement. If you could, please keep us in your thoughts on Wednesday.

For now, here's to joy, love and all that jazz necessary on a Monday.


  1. wonderful collection of yellows (love that cup) & good luck on wednesday :)

  2. Good luck with the interview this week! (I'm sure everything will go wonderfully.) Is it always spring in your home? It seems so perpetually delightful and bright there. Maybe I need to start buying myself some flowers every week.

    1. It's totally the flowers. They work WONDERS, I'm telling you.

  3. All this yellow is making me one seriously happy chap! LOVE IT!

  4. I'm cracking up–I guess we've both been in the mood for yellow! And HORRAY for the last steps of this crazy process! xoxox

  5. Yellow is good. My bedroom is a dreamy, creamy yellow. Makes you wake up thinking positive! Here's to a positive and successful week!

  6. Thinking of you today, good luck!


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