14 February 2012

Things I Like, V. 2

Red today, for obvious reasons. And c'mon, you know you've always dreamed about a strawberry perm.

1). Tiny ruby ring from Catbird; 2). Ooh La La Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson; 3). Foodie face plate via A Beautiful Mess; 4). "I Love You Just the Way You Are" sign; 5). Red gingham picnic napkins from Peppermint Pinwheels; 6). "Beauty is in the Street" print by Blanca Gomez

Happy Valentine's day, friends. I hope your heart feels full.


  1. YES, especially in regard to those napkins. I love 'em!

  2. haha, a "strawberry perm" seems amazzzing. that ring is so delicate and stunning--love!

  3. sweet!
    i want valentine s day chocolate!!!

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's! xo

  5. Thank you for including my "just the way you are" sign in your list. When I saw this site listed as traffic on my etsy account I wanted to stop by and see why! Thanks, have a wonderful weekend!


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