21 February 2012

Things I Like, V. 3

Mmm yes, I like these things a whole lot.

(Just putting this out there--one day, I will own that chair. It haunts my dreams).

1). Slate & Wood Cheese Board from West Elm ; 2). Ceramic Hand-painted Decorative Plate; 3). Thonet Bentwood Armchair; 4). Matisse's "1948: Nadia au Menton Pointu";  5). Heart Coffee Scoop


  1. the coffee scoop would actually look lovely hanging out on the counter. so cute.

    1. Rebecca--It's been hovering in my online shopping cart for weeks. I figure I'd get my money's worth just by exclusively brewing at home for a week, right?

  2. I love all these things together.

  3. That slate cheese board from WE is something else - love it!

  4. i'm allergic to cheese, but i'm still pretty sure i need that slate/wood cheese board. *gorge*


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