27 April 2012


After work last Friday evening, I walked all over lower Manhattan in search of this perfume. From Nolita to Soho to Tribeca and back up and over again to the West village. When I finally got my hands on a bottle, I unscrewed the top and inhaled deeply. Orange blossoms. The loveliest scent in all of the land.

This week has been full, exhausting, and oddly helter-skelter. It's funny: I can't place my finger on anything in particular that would stress me out more than usual, but I've definitely been feeling off. I'm fairly certain the cure is as simple as a solid night's sleep and an extra spray or two of this on my wrist. What's that they say about aromatherapy again?

Here's to hoping.


  1. Positive thinking makes the most impact usually....and you've got that down pat! xo

  2. Scent can always shift a mood and especially any essential oil will work too! So happy I found your space here, it's lovely.

  3. That sounds absolutely heavenly–the scent, the sleep, and the end of this week. It kicked my butt, too.


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