22 April 2012

Happy Earth Day

Photos from a rainy neighborhood walk earlier this afternoon. My tiny portion of the earth looks so green & lush today.

"When the little bluebird who has never said a word starts to sing Spring,
When the little bluebell at the bottom of the dell starts to ring--ding dong, ding dong,
When the little blue clerk in the middle of his work starts a tune to the moon above,
It is nature that is all simply telling us to fall in love..."
-"Lets Do it, Let's Fall in Love" by Cole Porter


  1. oh, so pretty. I love all the green. happy earth day to you, too!

  2. omg that second picture on the left looks like its from Savannah or something, gorgeous! I live in nyc so rarely do I see beauty like this. Earth day was the first time the hubby and I officially became boyfriend and girlfriend so we celebrate it every year, its really special to us, hope you dont mind me pinning this picture on pintrest.


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