20 April 2012

High Five!

1). Blowing dandelions & makin' wishes. I'm still a believer.

2). Preschoolers with paintbrushes and vases of spring flowers.

3). The upper west side early on a weekday morning.

4). Multi-colored eggs to celebrate the Bulgarian/Eastern Orthodox Easter. Tiho taught me his secret dyeing technique and this was the result. (I was proud).

5). Quick loose curls that stay put all day. Bonus? No blow-dryer required.

High five to these five. And, happy weekend to you.


  1. Beautiful Kayla...and I'm also still a believer. :)

  2. Loose curls that stay put? Lucky you!! I still make wishes on dandelions too!! =) Have a great weekend!!

    Lemanie's Randomness Blog

  3. I haven't blown a dandelion in YEARS! How fun.

  4. that upper west side shot is gorgeous... I daydream of walking those streets. have a spectacular weekend, kayla!

  5. Serious high five. Hope you have a divine weekend, darling!

  6. found you thru erin at pughs' news...love your hair and scarf!

  7. High five x100! Great list. You know how I love the Upper West Side. And those flower paintings are lovely- we did daffodil paintings in kindergarten this week and the pictures are all over our classroom walls :)

    Happy Weekend, dear friend.

  8. When can we expect a hair tutorial?!??

  9. those eggs are awesome. i didn't have a chance to dye eggs this year so i'm living vicariously through you!


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