24 April 2012

Highway 1

A few California stragglers in the form of the most breath-taking stretch of road I've ever encountered in my life. It's famous for a reason.

Also, horses:


  1. Yep, that's one spectacular piece of road... Lovely.

  2. Such a spectacularly beautiful place–sigh!

  3. hi kayla,

    i just want you to know that whenever i want a quick smile - i know i can come here and find beauty. it's truly a gift to me and i really want you to know how much that means during difficult times. i hope that someday you and your husband can drive along the oregon coast (also famous for a reason!!) i'll be posting zillions of photos soon and many come right from stops along 101 that i hadn't seen yet. if you ever do get to oregon (or anywhere nearby) please know you have a home with me!

    with thanks, warmth, and love,


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