30 April 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Writer's block. Holy buttercream, I don't think I'm capable of forming sentences if my life depended on it. Thus, I present you with the weekend's events in bulleted form:

-Cozy Friday night in complete with a fruit tart and my most favorite husband.
-Saturday sandwiches & coffee at our usual local spot.
-Shoe shopping & the subsequent acquisition of a saucy pair of wedges.
-Sauntering through Union Square & Washington Square park.
-Witnessing & celebrating our friend's ordination into UCC.
-Cocktails and general shenanigans at another friend's housewarming party in Harlem.
-Sunday morning visit with nana.
-Four vigorous hours of deep (and I mean deep) house cleaning.
-Chinese food family dinner with my uncle & cousins.

I had my camera with me for most of the weekend and managed to produce exactly one suitable photo. Alas, the calendar says it is May tomorrow. Enticing stuff.

I found this beautiful quote on this equally as beautiful, new-to-me blog. I would like to leave you all with that:

"Important lessons--
Look carefully; record what you see.
Find a way to make beauty necessary;
Find a way to make necessity beautiful."
-Anne Michaels, Fugitive Pieces


  1. i like bullet form! i quasi deep cleaned our house this weekend too. takes very little time when you live in very little space. the ONLY plus!

  2. i can't remember a time when you didn't inform both beauty and necessity with one another; you have channeled miss rumphius/
    cooney since forever, kayla meredith (pool of aural colors)piskuliyski...brilliando!

  3. The feeling of reward after a deep apartment clean is SO worth the effort, right?! Have a great week!

  4. Do you have other, substandard husbands?
    And I love "holy buttercream."


    1. Why yes, didn't you know polygamy is the new it thing?

      (I provided fair warning that my espressive language skills in this post were sub-par ;)

  5. Holy buttercream, indeed! Hope this week takes it easy on you, darling!

  6. Bullet form is great, love the shot!


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