03 April 2012

Springtime Favorites

...á la Steven Alan. I popped by the San Francisco store when I was out west and made myself a mental note to visit the NYC location more often. I splurged on one of the lightweight beach/picnic blankets after having admired the colorful collection for nearly two years.

Oh. Also. The orange blossom perfume pictured here smells so damn good. I wanted to lick my wrist upon sampling it in-store. If this descriptive bit from the site doesn't convince you, then I don't know what will:

"The windows were thrown open to let in the afternoon sun, along with a breeze of orange blossoms. She secured fresh flowers into her hair and her eyes sparkled with excitement and anticipation. She had been a whirl of precise motion in her final preparation and took pause to dream about the moment to come."

(sunglasses; striped shorts; flower seed ring; scout socks; orange blossom perfume; anniel italian leather lace-ups; beach blanket)


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