22 May 2012

Give Me A Garden of Beautiful Flowers Where I Can Walk Undisturbed

This whole scene resulted when I stopped to snap a quick photo of flowers lining a random dude's driveway. He saw us, turned out to be friendly, and ended up extending an invitation to hang out in his garden oasis of a backyard. Making friends with the neighbors is fun.

*Title quote by Walt Whitman

Also, this:

The glory of a garden: 
hands in the dirt, 
head in the sun, 
heart with nature.
-Alfred Austin


  1. Roses in bloom... yes please! We just saw some lovely ones in the Tivoli Gardens outside Rome. I wanted to linger there forever.

  2. lol....Glad he was a friendly guy! That could have been a very uncomfortable moment otherwise.

  3. In a perfect world, I would have a huge garden and the time to tend to it. I want to do nothing else these days!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a yard! It's heavenly!

  5. Stunning. I bet it made his day to share it with you, too.

  6. Wow! I should talk to my neighbors more! What an incredibly beautiful space he has.


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