06 May 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

First of all, thank you. You wonderful people sure know how to make a person feel loved unconditionally. It's nice to honor my vulnerability, you know?

This weekend was a good one. I attended my school's fancy benefit auction on Friday night, where I perfected the art of schmoozing, indulged my fair share of pomegranate-infused champagne and munched on shrimp cocktail and artichoke croquettes.

On Saturday, we made our weekly pilgrimage to Trader Joe's before riding our bikes to the tennis courts. After working up a sweat and an appetite, we picked up a couple of burritos and brought them home to enjoy with beer and requisite Cinco de Mayo chips & salsa.

Around midnight, I was feeling weirdly restless and wide awake, so we pulled on sweatshirts and went for a long walk in search of a super moon sighting. Mr. moon didn't quite feel like detangling himself from the clouds though, so we ate juicy strawberries out of ziplock baggie and decided that the middle of the night is our new favorite time for a hand-in-hand stroll.

We slept in on Sunday before heading out to our town's biannual food & craft fair. I delight in street festivals: there's something undeniably nostalgic about them.

I feel ready to take on the week ahead since I spent the majority of Sunday afternoon catching up on work and end-of-the-year projects. I can't believe I just said "end of the year:" we officially hit the one-month countdown today. Where in the world does the time go? Peony season already? I can't handle it.


  1. All the scenes are lovely. Pomegranate-infused champagne?
    It sounds like an extraordinary day.

  2. romantic midnight strolls? i love you guys :) and you know how much I love street festivals too- looking forward to a summer full of them! happy monday

  3. Strawberries and super moons...delightful! I need to get my hands on some peonies...

  4. Your pics are always so positive and mood elevating:-) Happy week!

  5. that pic of you is cracking me up. you're all... "hey-o with my burrito."


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