15 May 2012

Things I Like, V.8

The never ending (two years and counting) coffee table hunt may have just ended. Still ruminating the purchase, but I think this might be it.

Other stuff I like a whole lot:

1). Kate Spade Wickford Sea Cliffs Striped Mug (I already own a yellow striped mug--what is wrong with me?); 2). Elsie bag by Mimi (dreaming!); 3). Marrakesh Tray Coffee Table from Pottery Barn; 4). San Diego Yellow & White Striped Sunhat (definitely don't need, just hard for me to ignore yellow & white striped anything); 5). Hugo Guinness 'Cut Flowers' Print from John Derian (a someday splurge).


  1. The Kate Spade mug is one of my all time favorites:-)) Lovely assortment!

  2. I have a vintage brass Marrakesh table from my parents...so glad it's back in style, woohoo!

  3. You NEED that hat. Positively. It would look incredibly on you. I can just see you wearing it everywhere -- to the market, to the beach, to the lake...

    1. If I didn't already own one, I'd be all over it!

  4. coffee tables are the hardest thing to shop for! I'm so glad you finally found "the one"!!

  5. I just adore all this yellow and white stripe–and of course, that perfect coffee table!


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