13 June 2012

Blackberry-Apricot-Strawberry-Peach Bars

I'm going to go ahead and toot my own horn for a second, because these crumb bars are seriously to-die-for and consequently, I feel proud.

I used this recipe, first shared last year, and just switched out the blueberries for the other fruit (equal parts diced strawberries and peaches plus several slices of fresh apricots as well as a handful of blackberries. Clearly, I'm super precise).

They are so good, you guys. Light, sweet, decadent, and tart all at once. I've been enjoying them with my morning coffee, and--when ambition strikes--the sunrise.


  1. Consider these added to my Must Bake list!

  2. Oh wow...see I just ate my strawberries instead of making something so delicious! Next time I will try this for sure...YUM. ;)

  3. I found your blog a few hours ago and I love it!

    Thanks for sharing the fruity bars with us! I must try this!

    xo Aurelia

  4. These look absolutely delicious! I love a breakfast treat that isn't too sweet!

  5. breakfast! thanks my dear. :)

  6. Dang, that's some crumbly goodness - nice work!


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