05 June 2012

A Hike Through The Reservation

As I mentioned, Tiho and I went on a little hike over the weekend. We packed a picnic lunch and headed to a reservation about twenty minutes from our house. We mingled with frogs, ate sandwiches on a rock at the edge of a waterfall and climbed up to a gorgeous lookout before ominous dark clouds and thunder convinced us to book it back down the trail. The rain started falling in sheets just before we made it to cover. It was romantic and fun and reminded me of the day we got married.

Silly rain, always trying to throw a curveball at our plans.


  1. This looks gorgeous! What reservation if you don't mind me asking? We're always looking for new places to hike outside the city.

    1. Ramapo Reservation located in Mahwah. It was lovely: we can't wait to explore again soon!

  2. What fun! I do love going on a walk with my man, and being Brits we always expect rain! ;) P.S. Love the look of your picnic blanket!

  3. gorgeous photos, love the last one


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