14 June 2012

Little Things

1). Tiny wildflower bouquets tied up with twine and left out to dry.

2). Summer haircuts that leave you feeling bouncy, fresh and light. (This was the inspiration).

3). A cheery iPhone case acquired for zero dollars thanks to a gift card.

Bada bing bada boom...it really is the little things. What's making you smile lately?


  1. I just tried working #1 into "my favorite things" song with no luck. But in theory it works really well!

  2. I love your hair and that iphone case. I'm considering getting it now even though I'm so in love with mine. Your pics always brighten my day =)

    - Sarah

  3. Wow stunning photos! You're very beautiful in your red blouse and red lips! Have a wondeful weekend!

  4. Love all of these things! Things making me smile have been: time with friends, packages in the mail (cds and a cookbook from my Momjust because), and making plans for my summer!


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