07 June 2012

On Cliché

Can we talk about saltwater sandals for a minute? I was so hesitant to purchase a pair despite needing a quality summer shoe and admiring them for years. They've recently become super trendy, which annoys me. Trendy things often annoy me. Especially blogger trendy things. Especially because I often like those things.

But guess what. I freaking love them. Almost as much as I love mason jars. And macarons. And kittens. And stripes. And peonies.

Cliché? Totally.

Do I really care? Nope.

I like what I like.

Raise your hand if you're also a (sometimes) blogging cliche.

(Photos from my instagram stream)


  1. Hand raised! I find myself liking many blogger cliché things, and that's ok...we just all have excellent taste. ;)

  2. oh, totally. stripes are my big cliché. but i just love them so!

  3. I want those sandals! I'm guilty of so many trends - but I remind myself certain ones are cliché for a reason.

    1. Agreed. Also, get the sandals. They took exactly one day to break in and are supremely comfortable.

  4. That NYTimes over propped article? We have taxidermy, a vintage fan, fresh flowers (in a mason, dammit) and a bar bookcase. Bloggers have great style, and sometimes it's just too hard to resist!

  5. there is nothing wrong with awesomeness. if it's rad, it's rad. and your shoes are rad. ;-)

  6. I am a to-tal cliche.. stripes, peonies, coffees, Domino mag, J. Crew, Clare Vivier.. etc etc. Great post!


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