11 June 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

This weekend was filled with lots of little happy-makers; strawberry picking*, a haircut, s'mores over a fire pit, fresh flowers, and a raucous barbeque with hilarious neighbors. I always forget how much I love the summertime. Weekends like this do a marvelous job of reminding me.

*More to come on our strawberry bounty.


  1. Ooh, that bread & avocado looks divine...

    We have two and a half weeks left of school here and then {finally} we'll be on summer vacation. I can't wait!

    A raucous barbeque is just exactly what I need :0

  2. I read this post and the next thing I know I'm seriously obsessed with getting some fresh bread and an avocado to top it with. Preferably from California. Preferably in California.

    Happy Monday, darlin!

  3. Man, nothing better than smores over an open fire! Thanks for the congrats!
    Summer is my favorite season in the city. The subways empty out and our garden
    gets out of control. Enjoy!

  4. Avocado on toast. Thanks for reminding me how good this is!

  5. Yes, yes, YES to this weekend–and always to avocado on toast!

  6. Summer weekends are my favorite! Smores and fires sound about right too. I am excited to get some swimming in!

  7. Oh my goodness I love it all!! That bouquet! :)


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