15 June 2012

Snapshots + My Random Brain

1). As a self-proclaimed opposer of naps (unless it's in a hammock), I would like to announce that I napped the other day and it was awesome. (Well actually, that's flat-out lie, because I tried to nap and couldn't, so I watched Law & Order on my iPad while lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon. Kind of close to napping, so I'll take it).

2). I was in the city yesterday setting up for summer camp at school (I'm teaching half days for the next three weeks). I found myself with a couple of free hours afterwards, so I set out in search of a pretty dress to wear to an upcoming wedding. After extensive scouting, I left with three striped shirts and no dress.

3). My very favorite thing to do on a day off is take myself out to the french pastry shop in town and sample different items on the menu. They recently added fancy donuts and I enjoyed two with my coffee while sitting outside in a light drizzle. Heaven.

4). I didn't plan on it, but my sandals matched my strawberries last weekend and that observation alone made me absurdly (like wickedly, strangely) pleased. Weirdo.

5). Clouds.

6). Why are kitchen tables so interesting?

How's that for random today? Here's a few more that don't correspond to the photos:

-Blogging is so narcissistic. Sometimes it freaks me out, but mostly I think "whatever" and roll with it.
-Last night, I listened to this song at full blast and made up a spastic dance/robot routine.
-Shake Shack.

Have a killer weekend!


  1. Random is great, and I love naps!! I think narcissism might have overtaken our entire culture, so we shouldn't feel bad about it. Also, Shake Shack just opened in Philly, woohoo! Bon weekend xo

  2. Where is your iPhone case from? It's lovely!

  3. Love the randomness. Also agree on the narcissism...yuck (I get sick of "hearing" myself talk constantly online). Happy weekend!

  4. You should do a home tour post. Your home looks lovely, so many cute little details! I can see your blog becoming really popular, It's my favorite these days.

    1. Aw, thank you so much Zaira! Your comment made me blush :)

  5. HA-the narcissism of blogging always get me, too! I always wonder why on Earth anyone wants to know what I did this weekend, but I always want to know what everyone else was doing, too! Also, afternoon lounging in bed with Law & Order actually sounds better than a nap.


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