19 July 2012

Botanical Gardens

Last Sunday, we drove out to the Bronx to spend the day at the New York Botanical Gardens with our friends Carla and Aaron. Carla's sister is a research biologist there, so we received a full-on insider's tour. It was awesome.

We traversed for nearly five hours, stopping only for lunch in the garden café. If I had to choose my absolute favorite aspects of the visit, they would be the stunning Monet exhibition, the glass-house conservatory, and the rose garden. My oh my, the rose garden.


  1. The flowers are stunning! I love spotting bunnies - we have them alll over our neighborhood.

    1. us too, alli. and without fail, the sight of one always makes me squeal like a child. This one was super close though (like three feet away) and seemingly entirely unconcerned with all the adoring humans.

  2. An inside tour is awesome! Sounds like some of the best 5 hours of summer too.

  3. Botanical Gardens are my favorite! And that sounds like a dream to have a friend give you all the details about the place!!

  4. I need more nature expeditions!!!

  5. We have a beautiful rose garden in Regent's Park here in London - the smells, the colours, everything about it is so inspiring and good for the soul!

  6. Those roses are beautiful. Looks like you had an amazing day!

    Kim | www.howtolovethisworld.com

  7. these are gorgeous, love the water lily photo & the one directly below it (salvia?)


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