11 July 2012

The Farm

The Farm is one of my favorite places to visit in the new york-metro area. We drove over late Saturday morning for brunch at the café, a stroll through the grounds to see the animals, and a stop by the farmer's stand for produce and meat. If you live local or find yourself in the region, I highly recommend a day trip to Stone Barns Center. Additionally, the historic village of Tarrytown is quaint and lovely: it sits right along the Hudson river and is particularly beautiful when it rains. We actually almost moved there two years ago when I was relocating from Manhattan.

At the farm, I love visiting the animals. On this visit, the pigs were particularly rowdy: we got a kick out of watching the aggressive "alpha pig" boss the other pigs around. (S)he wouldn't let any of the others near the water trough! We also saw chickens, turkeys, sheep and cows:

After seeing the animals, we cut through the greenhouses to inhale the sweet scents of various herbs, flowers and veggies. The light is so pretty there.

I paused for an iced coffee break in the pasture (it was hot as heck).

We walked for awhile before making our way back to the main area to visit the gift shop and the farm stand. I became distracted by two fat bumble bees buzzing around the foliage lining the fence.

Inside the courtyard, farmers were selling freshly-picked veggies, flowers (snapdragons!) and assorted meats. We left with a pound of arugula and a couple of summer squash.

Before leaving, we sampled a handful of blackberries and raspberries right off the bushes. I pricked my fingers a bunch but didn't care. They were so plump & juicy. Yum!

Just as we reached the car, it started pouring rain. What is it about us and rain? I'm not kidding: whenever we plan an outing, the rain just knows. Ah well, I can't really complain. I love rain. Especially driving through it on twisty country roads.

P.S. Last summer's visit to the farm. Hoping to visit in the fall next time.


  1. such a good time of year for a visit!

    1. yes indeed! do you find yourself missing it?

  2. Snapdragons, berries and rain?! I miss the East Coast! Clearly it's time to get serious about PhD programs–I'm ready for a move!

  3. My bedroom window growing up looked over a farm in The Cotswolds so I hold farmyard animals close to my heart.

  4. looks like a wonderful place & I love the photos of the bees/fence :)

  5. Thanks for the heads up about the farm. It looks like a fun place for a daytrip.


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