06 July 2012

Of Sand, Sun, And Sea

How has the week been for you? I've enjoyed pink sunsets and fireworks, a road trip to the beach with friends, junk food, and quite frankly, too much time in the sun. My poor body is upset with me. I'm planning to spend the weekend napping and lounging. And maybe tackling the overflowing laundry pile taking over the closet. We're also hoping to make a trip to the farm for egg collecting and a lavender class. Will report back on Monday!


  1. This sounds heavenly–even if you need to recover from all the indulgences! Enjoy the weekend, and good luck with the laundry (confession: we leave our detergent at the Fluff & Fold...)

  2. Your body will thank you this weekend...it's too hot to do anything anyway. ;)

    1. Ugh, indeed. So excited for the week ahead and temperatures in the low 80's!

  3. I love these shots. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to see more! :)

    Et tu, tutu?


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