09 July 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Nature and I were in love this weekend. If it hadn't been 100 bazillion degrees, I would have stayed outside all day and night. We were outdoors quite a bit though, with a trip to Stone Barns Center on Saturday (more on that later in the week!) and then our regular Sunday pilgrimage to the local farmer's market. Other than that, much of my weekend was spent playing with my new computer: I finally replaced my five-year-old laptop and whoa baby, the difference makes me want to belt out show tunes or something. Editing photos is so much easier now that I've also upgraded to Lightroom 4 (how did I do it before? Seriously).

In other news, I was introduced to Zac Brown Band earlier in the week and am way hooked. Country music reminds me of my time in the south and my appreciation for the southern way of life (juicy georgia peaches, sweet tea, porch swings, big ole' willow trees, etc.)  Start by listening to "Knee Deep" and "Chicken Fried" and then tell me whether or not you could keep your foot from tapping and your hips from swaying!


  1. I'm not into country really but enjoy the Zac Brown band! So fun.

  2. HORRAY for a new computer–they just feel so damn good! And I'm loving the sound of your week, even if the temps were much too high!

  3. what a colorful weekend. i love it!

  4. So, what did you upgrade to?

    It's been hot and I am loving everything about it!

    I haven't listened to Zac Brown Band that I can remember...I like how cheery this particular style is. I tend not to listen to country because it is sad and depressing. The South is definitely a special place.

    1. I bought the macbook air! couldn't decide between the pro or the air and ultimately went with the air for transport purposes. We also have a desktop and an ipad.


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