24 July 2012

The End Is Just The Beginning

Legendary and iconic New York-based photographer, Rodney Smith, is one of my greatest creative inspirations. A few days ago, I was feeling all sorts of blah and uninspired, so I made myself a fresh pot of coffee, propped my feet up, and drifted off into his online portfolio. His work takes me to a completely different world and reminds me to honor the hell out of my artistic curiosity and imagination. He is remarkable.

More in his portfolio, blog, interview #1, interview #2, & biography.

I'll leave you with this dazzling image; quite possibly my very favorite of his (for today at least):

*Title quote corresponds to his book.


  1. he really is remarkable. His pictures are amazing!

  2. That last image always stops me in my tracks - stunning.

  3. Umm, WOW. Beautiful images. I love the one with the bale of hay.

  4. these are so great- thanks for sharing.


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