30 August 2012

Four Things

...making me smile today. This bag (thanks to two of you for the recommendation); this little dude; this gold elephant (absolutely need); and these camera cookies.

In all seriousness though, I can't stop thinking about babies in bow ties. Anyone itching to collaborate on a shoot? I'll provide the bow-tie, you provide the baby...


  1. I'd love to be talented enough to make those camera cookies - too cute!

  2. OMG I just bookmarked that elephant yesterday, I must have it too! Great minds ;) How fun would those camera cookies be to give to kid clients of yours?

  3. I am crushing on practically all of the bags at J.Crew... I love them!

  4. OBSESSED with the elephant. i really need him! thanks for sharing :)

    1. Did you see there's a giraffe, rhino, horse, and antelope as well? If I had the cash, I'd buy the whole menagerie!

  5. Oh, I do love that elephant. Although, I have an elephant theme going in my house – salt and pepper shakers, a painting by my great aunt, a handmade elephant calendar from Malawi – so maybe I should change things up a bit with a giraffe. Very cool finds.

  6. I am alllll about that bag, of course. As long as we live on opposite coasts, it's not weird to carry the same purse, right?

  7. If I had a baby, I'd fly us out there just so you could put him in a bow-tie and take his photo!

    Happy, happy long weekend, Kayla! The last few days of summer vacation. Let's soak 'em up.

  8. haha! I will take the baby with the bow-tie too! :D



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