10 August 2012

It's Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday

Ah Friday. I'm both excited and alarmed to see it here. Excited because, well, it's the weekend, and alarmed because that means August is rumbling by at warp speed.

We're headed out of town for the day tomorrow, which will bring a nice change of scenery, albeit only for a few hours. I'll take what I can get. The photos were snapped earlier in the week. I love them both for different reasons and will be sharing more soon.

Have a wonderful weekend! For your enjoyment--a few links recently bookmarked:

Summer Days in Vermont;
The Truth Behind Instagram Photos (ha!);
How to Pair Wine & Cheese;
What's Your Take on the Exclamation Point?;
and Humans of New York.


  1. Have a wonderful weekend away! (And I agree - August is flying by way too fast! Can't believe it will be fall soon.)

  2. That first website is new to me! I love the post.

  3. Enjoy the weekend darling; I'm off to contemplate punctuation.


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