11 September 2012

From The Vault

Attempting to organize thousands of photos on my hard drive into more cohesive, archived folders is nothing short of a major headache. But, in the middle of doing so, I found these two never-before-shared gems taken last summer in Bulgaria.

I shot that crazy bungee jumping frame from the balcony of our hotel room in Sunny Beach, and those plates were on display at an open market in Nesebar.

We're headed back to Bulgaria for the December holidays--I can't wait! Maybe I ought to brush up on my vocabulary before then: Over three years with Tiho and I still only know five (okay three and a half) words.


  1. These colourful bowls remind me of my parents' home - Serbia is bordering Bulgaria and very, very similar:-)

  2. Those plates are beautiful. I would love one for my home!

  3. These photos are amazing, and I'm so excited for your trip! John suggested we start seeing the whole of this great big country, and while I'd really like more stamps in my passport, I can't wait to see where we'll go next!

    1. This country is a great place indeed. So much I still need to see here at home :)

  4. What an awesome journey to look forward to!


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