27 September 2012

Nate + Drew

I had the pleasure of photographing these two adorable brothers recently. Four-year-old Nate is wonderfully spirited and cute as a button. Drew is eighteen-months old and such a spunky little dude.

We spent about an hour together at the beautiful NYU Glass Garden on a sticky afternoon in early September. At several different moments throughout the shoot, Nate paused, turned to me, and said "Okay, put the camera down now and just play with me already!" (Love him).

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  1. gorgeous, love the first one :)

  2. Such SWEET faces–and beautiful, natural photos!

  3. Much to my MIL's chagrin, THESE are the kinds of pics I love having of my kids! (She prefers the studio-kind. I'd rather barf.) These beautiful, candid shots are SO much more meaningful. The seventh pic down makes me want to melt.


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