10 September 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

This weekend I battled a very unfortunate cold, caught up on paperwork, and deep-cleaned the house (Tiho even wore a mask while attacking the bathroom and kitchen). The only photos I snapped were on Friday evening, when we strolled through town admiring automobiles at the annual classic car show. On Sunday, we spent some time with my little cousins at my aunt & uncle's place before winding down the weekend with dinner at a favorite neighborhood haunt.

This week is likely going to be nutty, so I'm doing everything I can to recuperate. I think that means turning off the computer by 9:00 PM every night to make time for sipping hot peppermint tea in the comfort of my clean new sheets. Damn, I love new sheets.

Happy Monday! Hope you have a solid start to your week.


  1. New sheets make everything better!

  2. Feel better darling, and enjoy those clean sheets!

  3. football season has begun which means lots of anything but watching football on sunday

  4. Not too many pictures this week, which I totally understand! But, I like thr life and light in the first one especially. Looks like it just sums up last weekend pretty well.

    Glad you got some cleaning done, new sheets, and are figuring out a new schedule. i think I need to add hot mint tea to my routine again too. :)

  5. Sipping tea in clean sheets - it's the little things. Hope you feel better! :)


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