18 September 2012

Things I Like, V. 13 (Red Edition)

So, this post came about because of that old-school red Fiat 500 up there. It's always been one of my favorite cars* and I am convinced I need one. Tiho made a deadly declaration over the weekend wherein he promised to buy one for me if I learned how to flawlessly perform an oil change all by myself (my lack of knowledge concerning anything automobile-related is laughable).

Never mind that I can't manipulate a stick shift to save my life--that car and I are destined.

I'm currently typing "how to do an oil change" into google...

For now, other red things making my heart go boom boom:

1). World's Fair Striped Duffel from Spotted Moth; 2). Classic Fiat 500; 3). Parsipanny Rainboots from Kate Spade; Chanel #475 (Dragon) Nail Laquer; 5). Kaj Franck Red Heart Enamel Bowl; 6). Red Macbook Sleeve Case by Rib & Hull.

*I would also happily take one in bright yellow. Or baby blue. Or emerald green. Preferably with a country house in Europe where it would fit right in parked along the cobblestone driveway.


  1. lovely collection! I love that little car too, my friend has one in a off white now, and it is so charming!

  2. I am so dumb when it comes to car stuff...I can't even remember to put gas in. I hope you learn how to change oil very soon! ;)

    1. Oh man Susan, me too. Tiho doesn't know what he got himself into! ;)

  3. There is a RED exhibition on at The Conran Shop in London at the moment as part of London Design Festival. I have a feeling you might just like it...! ;)

  4. Cinquecenti, as we call them in Italy for their 500 cc engines, are my favorites in our little town. We rented one recently during a trip to the Dolomites and--while being too small for us with a baby's car seat AND lacking A/C (and this was a new model, so beware!)--it was a charm to drive and a fantastic little car.

    My favorite photo of a cinquecento so far is in this post: http://makingroomwithus.blogspot.com/2012/08/ravello-caught-between-earth-and-sky.html. I'm so glad you love them too!

  5. Haha! so great, Kayla! I love all of items in the picture especially the fourth item. Why? I am a girl. Anyhow, thanks for your post!


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