11 October 2012

Creature of Habit

Some people live for spontaneity. I am not one of them. I thrive on routine. I like knowing what to expect and when to expect it. I like feeling in control. Everything in its place.

This week, my normal routine is completely and totally helter skelter. I thought I'd be really stressed about it, but surprisingly, I'm not.

I can't help but draw a parallel to nature: it's unpredictable, sure, but beautiful nonetheless.


  1. What a thoughtful comparison...my days are so unpredictable right now but there is a beauty in that.

  2. I'm driven my routine, too. I love it. That said, I love to take a break from it now and then. Why? It makes coming back to the routine feel all the better.

  3. I've been settling deep into a routine lately, and I have a feeling I might really benefit from shaking it up. Time to do it!


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