14 October 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

After a jam-packed couple of weeks, I made it a priority to focus on personal wellness this weekend. Mostly, that involved doing a whole lot of nothing. A few things I'm currently harboring significant enthusiasm for include a vibrant addition to our art collection, a sourdough loaf from the farmer's market, and shoes so cozy they feel like slippers.

Happy Sunday. Hope yours leaves you feeling relaxed and satisfied.


  1. I love farmers' markets. There is an amazing one near where I am living at the moment (the St Jacobs Farmers' Market in Ontario)!
    Also how great are those shoes!?

    1. Colleen, the shoes are all I've been wearing now that the weather has turned. They are the most comfortable pair I've ever owned.

  2. Those mocs are awesome. And I can almost smell the sourdough bread... Mmmm!

  3. That bread looks goooooood. I continued my bread making journey this weekend and tried a loaf in my new tin. Sadly, I didn't use enough dough so it was a little flat but it still tasted great! :)

  4. I love cozy fall weekends....the best!

  5. A whole lot of nothing is the best thing ever. I had a weekend like that, too.

  6. Who makes those shoes? They're adorable. I think I need them.


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