22 October 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Fall in the northeast is other-worldly. Whenever I get the urge to pick up and move somewhere new, I remember what this season brings, and I decide that there is no place on earth I'd rather call home. I have an abundance of photos waiting to be shared with you depicting the season in all of her glory and splendor.

Our weekend included breakfast at the local diner, a four-hour hike, Halloween costume buying, baked ziti pizza (inhaled), chocolate fondue & out-of-season-but-still-delicious strawberries, house tidying, bookstore browsing, and the standard Sunday routine of football, reading, & lounging. I was supposed to get some work done, but hey, that's what Monday nights are for, eh?

October is grand. So are these links. Enjoy, my friends.

The only way to respond to life;
This series of photos made me teary;
Funny social media theories;
A gorgeous paris jazz-age inspired wedding.

P.S. Happy birthday, dad!


  1. The responding to life link just filled me with excitement and joy for a new week. YEAH! P.S. I'd love to see your part of the world in fall one day - it sounds magical! :)

  2. I would LOVE to zoom in and see the titles in your bookcase :-) I saw a picture somewhere of a huge bookcase where the books were organized by spine color and it looked like a pretty rainbow from afar.

    My boyfriend still teases me for being a "leafer". After living most of my life in a big city with few trees, I can stare at the pretty tree colors in the fall for hours. I even love raking leaves, how silly is that! I almost applied to a college in New England solely because of the gorgeous tree cover picture in their admission catalog.

    1. I would love to organize books by color but I'm so neurotic that I organize them by theme/subject and would go crazy if I couldn't find what I needed.

  3. Great pics & what sounds to have been a fab weekend!!! Have a great week, Kayla!

  4. No better place to live in the fall! Well, ok...maybe Vermont. ;)

  5. I seriously adore your bookcases. And that striped throw! Also loved the links, thanks!


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