16 November 2012

Friday Brain

Thoughts for Friday:

This week felt never-ending. Fist pump for the upcoming Thanksgiving break.

We aren't putting up a Christmas tree this year since we'll be traveling to Bulgaria for two weeks. I'm sad about it (the tree part, not the Europe part).

Our house is so overdue for a cleaning right now. Saturday is wide open and I decided the reward for performing a serious scrub down will be stringing up white twinkle lights everywhere. Also, polishing my nutcrackers! Those weird little dudes make me happier than they probably should.

We cooked mashed potatoes in preschool yesterday. Now I can't stop thinking about turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce sandwiches.

This has been at the forefront of my mind.

I need to figure out a way to survive the impending post-holiday winter slump (January-March). I'm already irrationally anxious about it.

Step one: red wine tonight.


  1. I know the feeling! I began this month knowing that five months of winter was just getting started. The holidays are a good distraction. Jan, Feb, and March are soooo long that's why the rest of the year seems to fly by!

    Enjoy your cleaning, light stringing, and pulling out your nut cracker men!

    1. oh man, those nutcrackers have no idea what's in for them!

  2. Oh God, do I need a glass. Thank goodness this week is nearly over!

  3. Ha! A) I have red wine next to me at this very moment, and B) I have cleaning on the agenda tomorrow. Great minds...

  4. Twinkle lights make a fabulous reward for tackling the housework. Lots and lots of them!

    One year we went to England for the Christmas holiday. We were leaving at the crack of dawn on Boxing Day {Dec. 26th}. I couldn't bear not to have a tree, so we still had one. But boy, was I bummed to come home mid-January to a tree that needed to be taken down. Talk about an even worse than usual winter slump! {I hate, hate, hate January and February}

  5. You must be counting the days until your trip, so exciting!


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