08 November 2012

Not-Lame New York

I feel like there are a disproportionate amount of super cheesy NYC-themed souvenirs compared to offerings in other cities. Maybe I just notice it because I pass through one of the most touristy sections of New York twice daily.

I possess a deep pride for this city though, especially in light of everything she's currently slammed with, and felt compelled to round up some decidedly not-lame tchotchke gift ideas. Because really, NYC is the bomb dot com, even though my use of that phrase clearly indicates that I am not.

1). NYC in a Bag; 2). Rifle Paper Co. Art Print; 3). Kate Spade Taxi Mittens; 4). Andy Burgess Times Square Art Print; 5). Brass Apple Figurine; 6).Tom Slaughter New York Valentine Print; 7). Bridge & Tunnel Mug; 8). Sugar Paper Letterpress Print.


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