05 November 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

It turned chilly this weekend. November arrived, ready and raring to go. We remained inside for the majority of the weekend, save for a long Saturday afternoon walk to stock up on coffee beans, bread, milk, and the like. I am staying with my my sister at her place in upper Manhattan for the next two days. We have parent teacher conferences at school and I can't risk the possibility of being unable to get into the city with the disruption in rail service.

How's everyone doing? Fellow tri-staters, are you faring okay in the wake of the storm? This year more than ever, I'm aware of how much we have to be thankful for. It seems appropriate--although bewildering--that Thanksgiving is a mere two and a half weeks away.

Also, please, please don't forget to vote tomorrow if you haven't already. I am excited and nervous to stay up late and watch the polls.

To start your week off on the right foot, here's a day brightener: important people drinking coffee. Have a good one, pals.


  1. Those leaves are so very lovely. The more I listen to the news about Sandy, the more surreal it feels. I am so happy to know that my friends and family in the area are safe and sound, including you and Tiho, but it is so devastating to hear of those who were not so lucky. :(
    On another note, how on earth is it almost thanksgiving? Time is flying by at a scary speed!! But on the bright side, that means we are getting closer to leaving for the holidays in California!!

  2. That reminds me to get the gold french press-we have two but both silver. Love it. I can't believe tomorrow is the election, ah!

  3. Kayla, I enjoy your photography tremendously and have been meaning to ask you if you use a particular aperture or lens (or flash). Your shots are always so crisp and the detail is amazing. I struggle with both. Thank you!

    1. Katherine, thank you! I primarily shoot with a 50mm f1.4 lens and a 18-200mm lens (the latter is what these were taken with). I never use flash, always shoot in manual mode and natural light whenever possible, and generally set a wide open aperture (between 1.6 to 3.0). Hope that helps...practicing and gaining a clear understanding of your camera and its capabilities will make all the difference.

  4. I'm so nervous about Tuesday and I'm not even an American.

    Btw, I just can't quit your blog. So good.

  5. The idea of Tuesday makes me a little sick to my stomach–but I'm excited to finally vote for a president in a booth this year! Three cheers for democracy and I Voted stickers!

  6. 8+ days with no heat and power, and counting...:( At least tomorrow will be an exciting day and will get my mind off the cold. Wish I could vote...

  7. So much loveliness in your weekend! Stunning photos as usual.

  8. i thought about you and your commute this morning. is it weird that i randomly think about you? i think not. also, i very much enjoy your level 3 coat.


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